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Speaker Programme for Autumn 2020

The measures needed to deal with Covid-19, meant that we had to cancel the talks for March & April and the walk around Duns, in May of this year.

Looking ahead, we have decided to defer the Programme of Speakers we had planned for this coming season, to the autumn of 2021 (i.e. from September 2021-May 2022). We have contacted all the Speakers and they are agreeable to this.

As you will be aware, our monthly speakers meetings at the Abbey Row Centre, have proved to be so popular that we were having to look for a larger venue. The constraints of social distancing etc. have made this more challenging. We have two or three possible venues to explore but until the restrictions on meeting indoors are eased sufficiently to be safe for everyone to gather together, we remain in limbo.
We plan to review the situation in January 2021 and if conditions are such that we can provide a safe venue, then we would hope to hold meetings in the Spring.

In the meantime, the Trustees are investigating the possibility of presenting talks online. We will keep you updated on this aspect.